Wilson Canchon

12 March 2024

12 March


Bill Edwin

11 December 2023

11 December


Thank you so much for your beautiful service everything goes so quick and smoothly Bicars shipping service 100% reliable

Kerma Bertrand

13 October 2023

13 October


Mr Bicar is simply the best. He’s very reliable when he has to drop off and collect my barrels. I never worry when I do business with Bicars shipping cause I kn...
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Abby Mai Chipo

26 August 2023

26 August


Shipping to St Lucia then this is your guy. Noone will give you better service than this man. Use him and thank me later. I used other guys before and it was a...
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31 July 2023

31 July


Excellent service from Mr B and team. Highly recommended for shipping to St Lucia. Definitely doing this again!!!!

Kenisher Lambert

03 July 2023

03 July


Excellent service when buying and shipping barrels. Barrels arrived in Grenada before the estimated time.